Dermatologist. Beautician.

7 years of practice in cosmetology and medicine

About the doctor

The doctor works to make high-end aesthetic medicine techniques and protocols accessible in Ukraine. Ukrainians consider both health and attractiveness to be extremely important aspects. After all, it is a new normal that youth can be preserved longer and even renewed through the delicate face and body care. However, it must be done in a safe and effective way. Kateryna Kylivnyk is an expert in anti-ageing therapy and injectional rejuvenation treatments, such as contour correction, botulinum toxin therapy, biorevitalization, microneedling, and plasma therapy.

Kateryna Serhiivna is also an expert in machine-based treatment, including skin diagnosis, ultrasonic SMAS-lifting, microneedle RF-lifting, laser resurfacing, LED therapy, cryolipolysis, and post-surgery rehabilitation. Kateryna Kylivnyk graduated from O. O. Bohomolets National Medical University. She undertook her dermatology and venereology internship at P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Dr. Kylivnyk has been taking regular studies in aesthetic medicine both in Ukraine and abroad since 2014. She participated in large international training conferences and congresses and undertook internships in France, the Czech Republic, Monaco, South Korea, and Italy.

Life philosophy

The trust of my patients is the greatest value of my work. I always seek to make my patients happy. After all, happiness is one of the things which add meaning to life. And I feel that my life has a purpose when my work makes a person more confident and helps them boost their self-esteem! It is extremely important that I achieve this result by using cutting-edge, effective, and safe aesthetic medicine technologies with an individual approach to each patient. As I work I keep on meeting people who struggle to find the right doctor. Thank you for choosing me!