Pregnancy is an important period in every woman’s life and therefore requires extremely careful and professional monitoring. This is what we do!

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Prenatal care


We offer prenatal care programmes starting from week 6 for any type of pregnancy: singleton, multiple, or IVF pregnancy. Our experts will develop a comprehensive individual prenatal care programme for you.


At the first consultation, your doctor will advise you when to begin your prenatal care and provide the guidelines developed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Your doctor will also make your personal schedule for diagnostic tests and visits to specialized healthcare providers. He/she will monitor you closely throughout your pregnancy until delivery.


430 women delivered their babies with our care and assistance. We offer a personalized experience to every woman. Both the physiology and emotional state of a woman should be monitored during her pregnancy. These aspects vary from woman to woman.

Our approach to prenatal care

Our experts believe that pregnancy should be relaxed and carefree. You should have someone who will be able to answer any questions as well as support and monitor you throughout your pregnancy. At Grace Clinic, we have the experts you need. 

We offer professional support, assistance, and 24-hour care at each stage of such an important period of your life. We perform all necessary tests, provide consultations, and closely monitor pregnant women’s health.


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Gynecologist. Surgeon. Board-certified doctor. Ph.D. of Medical Sciences. 12 years of gynecological practice

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When should my prenatal care begin?

There are no strict rules as to when exactly prenatal care should begin. Obstetricians recommend that it starts from week 6–11 when you need to undergo important examinations to check how the embryo develops.

What physical exercises are safe during pregnancy?

Consult your doctor to get a detailed answer to this question. He/she will review the history of your pregnancies, assess your physical fitness, and recommend activities which are perfect for your body. Today, we have many series of physical activities for pregnant women to choose from.

What are the best sleep positions during pregnancy?

The general recommendation is to sleep on the left side to help preserve blood flow to the foetus. But don’t make yourself sleep on your left side if you prefer the right-side positions and don’t have any painful sensations. Please note, however, that doctors don’t recommend sleeping on your back. First of all, you’ll feel discomfort. Second of all, the foetus will press against your internal organs.

What vitamin complexes and products should I take during my pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you need to adjust your vitamin and mineral intake. Consult your doctor for your vitamin complex and instructions on how to take it. Some medications can be prescribed to you depending on the progression of your pregnancy. Make sure you know what they are for and how to use them.

Rest assured that you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy with us!