Custom-compounded intravenous (IV) drips will help rejuvenate your body and maintain your inner health and outer beauty.

Our expertise


the procedure

At the consultation, your expert will carry out an examination and develop a custom-compounded IV therapy programme: complex restoration, anti-ageing, weight loss, improving the digestive system and liver, or express detox cleanse.

the procedure

You’ll sit comfortably in a special chair. A thin catheter will be inserted into your vein and attached to a plastic drip set. Both the catheter and the system are sterile, disposable, and single-packed.

the procedure

You’ll return to your normal life after a single procedure. You won’t need to stay overnight at Grace Clinic. However, our experts will ask you to rest and avoid doing any strenuous exercises for an hour after the procedure.

Our approach to infusion therapy

We address the problem inside the body without waiting for it to become symptomatic. Our experts develop customized comprehensive infusion therapy programmes for each client. Useful medications and vitamins are delivered into the body through the IV catheter during the procedure. They help treat acute and chronic conditions efficiently, prevent health problems, and maintain your body harmony. 


All doctors


General practitioner. Beautician. 5 years of practice in aesthetic medicine


Anti-ageing therapist. Cardiologist. Board-certified doctor. 33 years of cardiology practice

Service cost

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Can pills be used instead of infusions?

The permanent treatment effect can be only achieved if a health problem is fixed from the inside. Pills can only improve your health for a short time. IV infusions are more efficient. They help remove toxins from your body, restore balance, resolve vitamin deficiencies and improve your physical health and mental wellness.

What are the contraindications to infusion therapy?

During the initial consultation, your expert will carry out an examination and can assign additional assessments to rule out any risks. Infusion therapy isn’t recommended if you have any of the following: congestive heart failure, renal disorders, pregnancy, or postpartum period.

When can I see the final result?

Our experts are sure that you’ll feel positive changes in your body right after the first procedure. However, some procedures require several sessions, so you’ll need to wait until the end of the course to evaluate the final effect.