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Grace Clinic offers a full spectrum of medical services to foreign tourists. Supported by 14 years of medical experience and more than 16,000 satisfied clients, we can say for sure that Grace Clinic is the perfect place to embark on a journey to your dream and new self.

Medical tourism is a trip to a foreign country where you get medical or cosmetic services.

Every year more and more foreigners are coming to Ukraine to get medical services. The reason is that Ukraine offers a favourable climate, affordable prices, and no long queues for surgeries. Most importantly, Ukraine is all about highly qualified world-class experts who use only state-of-the-art equipment and devices.

If you are planning to undergo a check-up, receive treatment, or consult a doctor regarding a procedure or surgery, you must choose the right clinic. Grace Clinic is the perfect place for medical tourism. Here you’ll enjoy not only professional medical care and cutting-edge technology but also a five-star hotel experience in a clinical environment.

Grace Clinic helps patients tackle different concerns, while proper recovery processes enable us to achieve excellent long-term results. The key to such results is a comprehensive approach to solving any problems. Therefore, all of our doctors, surgeons, and therapists interact and thereby make clear plans based on your check-up. You can be sure of great and—most importantly—predictable results.

Your stay at Grace Clinic includes the following stages:

1. Submitting an application. Please contact us for any details and questions.

2. Processing your application. Once your application is processed, you’ll have a personal manager.

3. Conducting an initial online consultation. Your personal manager will arrange an initial online consultation with a doctor for you.

4. Paperwork. We’ll help you with all of the travel documents.

5. Tickets. We’ll help you buy tickets according to your surgery/procedure time frames.

6. Accommodation. We’ll recommend accommodation options before and after your stay at Grace Clinic.

7. Transfer service. We’ll make sure you enjoy a round-trip transfer service.

8. Conducting an offline consultation with a doctor. Once you arrive at the clinic, we’ll arrange a face-to-face consultation with your doctor.

9. Pre-op screening. Before your surgery, you’ll undergo a check-up at Grace Clinic.

10. Surgery. According to the plan, our doctors will perform surgery or procedure.

11. Hospital stay. Depending on the level of surgical complexity, you’ll spend some time in a single suite at our comfortable inpatient ward with personal medical supervision and meals.

12. Discharge and postoperative care. Once your surgery and inpatient stay are complete, you’ll be discharged from the clinic. For another year, we’ll offer you annual medical support to monitor your health and get the right results.

Why choose Grace Clinic?

"Grace 360" as a unique medical approach

We are the first Ukrainian clinic that offers clients a new, comprehensive, and individual approach to beauty and health management. We are the human nature improvers rather than changers—this is the key principle of Grace Clinic. We offer unique medical opportunities, such as case conferences, second opinions, and simultaneous surgeries, to make sure our clients enjoy beauty, health, and longevity.

High-quality medical services

We are committed to modern medicine to provide our clients with the best services and therefore offer the most efficient innovative technologies, while our doctors use the latest surgical and cosmetic techniques, including hair transplantation, preventive and anti-age medicine, and other fields:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Internal medicine
  • Cosmetology
  • Security and privacy

    You feel our magical atmosphere of comfort and safety right as you enter Grace Clinic. Grace Clinic offers a closed territory with a car park under security surveillance to ensure that you can feel safe like home. With our privacy policy and premium services, we guarantee your confidentiality and anonymity.

    Tourist opportunities

    Although medical tourism is about receiving medical services, another advantage is to combine treatment with getting a rest and new experiences. Exploring a foreign country, its history, culture, and traditions - all of that is possible during your trip.

    Our experience


    years of experience in providing services to foreign clients

    We employ the best, most experienced, and highly qualified doctors recognized by colleagues from major countries. Every day we make dozens of patients happier, while we have helped 16,000 of them over 14 years. Our vast experience enables us to be one of the best medical centres in Ukraine and provide top-level services.



    Our clients are people from all over the world. The countries of the Middle East, Europe, and North America are the regions our clients most often come from to receive high-quality medical services. We have helped clients from 27 countries.


    thousand clients

    We provide individual concierge services and medical support to our clients. We’ve got your back, no matter what we do: consult, examine, select an efficient procedure, perform it, and obtain results.



    At Grace Clinic, our doctors and experts offer efficient surgical, injection, and instrumental procedures using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced medications from the world’s best manufacturers.



    At Grace Clinic, we employ experts with different specialities, yet the same goal—to preserve every client’s health, beauty, and longevity. Our experts are doctors/candidates of medical sciences and board certified doctors.


    operating theatres

    At Grace Clinic, the operating theatres use laminar flow ventilation with bacterial filters, while the tables are equipped with warming helium pads and heated mattresses. We perform all types of surgeries using state-of-the-art medical equipment manufactured by world-renowned companies.


    way to be yourself

    We’ll help you become yourself and feel perfectly healthy. Our experts don’t simply perform procedures; they talk to you, hear you, and offer efficient solutions.

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    How we work?


    You can contact us using contact forms, by phone, or via email at reception@gracemedclub.com

    Our administrator will be happy to answer all organizational questions and ask you to provide your medical record and other information we may need to have a complete picture of your health.
    Our administrator will inform our doctors and stick to all confidentiality rules.

    Processing an application

    Once the doctors take a look at your medical record, we’ll be sure to contact you for details.

    Once your application is processed, we’ll appoint a personal manager for you before your arrival. Your manager will accompany you from the first online consultation to the end of your rehabilitation.

    Conducting an initial online consultation

    Your personal manager will contact you and arrange an initial online consultation with your doctor.

    During the consultation, your doctor will listen to your complaints and suggestions and will answer all of your questions.


    We’ll be sure to inform you about all of the necessary documents. If necessary, we’ll also prepare our documents you may need to obtain a Ukrainian visa.


    We’ll give you the most detailed information about your surgery/procedure and help you buy tickets according to the time frames.


    We’ll provide accommodation options to choose from before and after your stay at Grace Clinic. We’ll offer the most comfortable luxury hotels and conveniently located flats to you.


    We’ll take care of your leisure time to make sure your trip is as useful as possible, while you can relax and get acquainted with Ukrainian culture. We’ll tell you which locations, sights, and establishments are worth visiting. Besides, we’ll recommend the best tourist guides.


    We’ll provide a transfer service—our driver will pick you up from the airport and take you right to the destination in a new Tesla car. The driver will be happy to take you to or from the clinic, including the following cases:

    — Follow-up/unscheduled examinations by a surgeon or gynecologist after surgery
    — Postoperative rehabilitation procedures
    — General examinations
    — Skincare and instrumental cosmetology

    Conducting an offline consultation with a doctor

    Once you arrive at the clinic, your personal manager will arrange a face-to-face consultation with your doctor who will listen to your wishes, help shape realistic expectations from your surgery, and answer any questions you may have.

    Pre-op screening

    Before any surgery, you need to get tests, undergo a thorough check-up, and have a consultation with an anaesthesiologist and gynecologist.


    Afterwards, our doctors will perform surgery according to the approved plan. Driven by all safety rules, we perform surgeries using high-tech medical equipment in sterile conditions, while an assistant surgeon is another qualified surgeon of our clinic.

    Hospital stay

    During your hospital stay in a postoperative period, professional nurses are here to help and take care of you around the clock. AT Grace Clinic, you’ll enjoy a cosy atmosphere, a 5☆ hotel experience, and comfortable single suites, and individual meals.

    Discharge and postoperative care

    Your surgeon will monitor your health for a year after the surgery. You’ll undergo several follow-up examinations and consultations that are included in the package price.

    Our benefits

    Top-class experts

    We believe that only the best professionals can handle your health and beauty.
    Our experts have pieces of training and internships in major countries. The Clinic’s experts are doctors/candidates of medical sciences, board-certified doctors, renowned participants in and speakers at medical forums, authors of published works, and professional coaches in their disciplines.

    Cutting-edge technologies and modern techniques promoting quick rehabilitation

    Grace Clinic combines highly qualified doctors, innovative techniques, the most comfortable conditions, and top-level service. Our experts offer modern, efficient, and proven methods, not to mention high-tech instrumental techniques that give each patient comfort, freedom, and an opportunity to enjoy their body.

    Unique medical opportunities

    Our doctors team up to make sure our clients enjoy unique services:

  • Case conferences. Grace Clinic enables you to not only consult world-class experts but also have a case conference if you need the opinion of several doctors.
  • Simultaneous surgeries. The health of our clients is paramount, therefore we solve all problems comprehensively. At Grace Clinic, you can receive services from several experts at the same time and have several surgeries or procedures under single anaesthesia.
  • Personal support

    Our experts do their best to make sure you feel comfortable. We guarantee full support besides excellent conditions, luxury suites, personal transfer services, and state-of-the-art equipment.

    At Grace Clinic, you’ll meet your personal manager who will accompany you throughout the journey. Your manager will give all of the details, arrange a consultation with your doctor, help you get ready for surgery, and complete the paperwork.

    Single suites

    A comfortable atmosphere is a key to quick rehabilitation.

    Grace Clinic offers a 5-star hotel experience: single suites with personal medical supervision and individual meals.

    Individual meals

    If you undergo an examination or stay at the clinic for recovery, you don’t need to worry about your meals. We serve healthy and delicious dishes.

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    Can I have any problems with language barriers and translation?

    No, you can’t. At Grace Clinic, almost all of our doctors speak English and other foreign languages. If necessary, we can offer interpreting services.

    If I have test results, do I need to bring them?

    Yes, you do. Your tests help us review the state of your health and medical records. If you’ve already had your test results, you can send them to us before arriving in Ukraine. Our expert will analyze the data and contact you to give recommendations on whether you need to come to Ukraine for surgery or procedure.

    How soon will I be able to undergo my procedure/surgery after arriving in Ukraine?

    We’ll make sure you undergo your procedure/surgery at the most convenient time for you after arrival.

    Do you support and examine your patients after discharge?

    Of course, we do. To ensure that you feel good and happy with your results, we provide you with annual postoperative support.

    What’s included in the surgery package?

    Surgery packages
    include the following services:

    1. Personal support

    2. Pre-op consultations:

      • Plastic surgeon
      • Anaesthesiologist
      • General practitioner
      • Gynecologist

    3. Standard test package

    4. ECG

    5. Ultrasound

    6. X-ray

    7. Endoscopy

    8. Intensive care unit

    9. Surgery

    10. Anaesthesia

    11. Inpatient ward

      • Suite
      • Individual medical supervision and your personal doctor on duty
      • Personal nurse
      • Individual meals

    12. Postoperative examination (first ten days after surgery)

    13. Annual medical support

    Options included in the package price:

    14. Implants (for augmentation)

    15. Compression garments (one set)