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One injection of a special substance - sclerosant once and for all can relieve you of the venous cobweb and dilated veins on the body.

Varicose veins, which mainly affect women, is not just a very unpleasant cosmetic problem, but a serious disease. And if at the initial stages patients complain of swelling, fatigue and pain in the legs, then over time, inflammatory processes and other complications may develop. Sclerotherapy is one of the most modern methods of treating varicose veins, which is successfully used at the Grace Clinic.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a fairly simple but effective way to treat varicose veins. It is also used to close strategically important veins and to eliminate venous nets, "spiders".

Sclerotherapy of veins in the legs is carried out by intravenous administration of drugs that damage the inner layer of the venous wall. In the future, the lumen of the vein is overgrown, the inner walls seem to stick together and the blood flow in them stops. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, without anesthesia and without anesthesia. At the end of the injection site, they are sealed with gauze balls, in compression stockings it is supposed to walk from 30 minutes to an hour.

As a rule, several sessions are carried out with an interval of 5-7 days. It depends on the prevalence of reticular varicose veins, telangiectasias and is limited by the dose of the drug that can be administered in one session. Compression knitwear is used around the clock for 1-2 days, then every day for about 3 weeks. It is important that patients return to work immediately after the procedure; small and short-term restrictions on sports and hard work are recommended. In some cases, the effect occurs almost immediately, the final results are visible in terms of 3-4 weeks to 6-9 months.

Our expertise


the procedure

At the consultation, the doctor conducts an examination and discusses the desired result with you. It determines the number of injections that are needed in your particular case. Prescribes additional tests to rule out contraindications.

the procedure

Sclerotherapy is performed without anesthesia and lasts one hour. The specialist injects a sclerosant that acts on the inner lining of the venous wall. The substance damages the wall and starts the hardening process.

the procedure

At the end of the procedure, you walk in compression hosiery for 40 minutes. Then you can return to your usual life, because this procedure is less traumatic. It is advisable to continue to perform daily exercises for the legs.

Our approach to sclerotherapy

Varicose veins and spider veins make us feel ashamed of our bodies. Added to this are pain, heaviness and swelling in the legs. It is important to identify the problem early.

In our сlinic we offer a non-surgical method of treatment - sclerotherapy. A safe and almost painless procedure, during which our phlebologist administers an injection of sclerosant. The procedure helps to get rid of the venous web and enlarged veins on the body once and for all.

Service cost

Name of service
Phlebologist consultation on sclerotherapy (with Ultrasound)
1200 UAH
Sclerotherapy (for new patients of the clinic)
150 - 330 euro
(depending on
the category)


When is the result visible after the procedure?

You can observe the result of sclerotherapy immediately after the completion of the procedure. For some time, small areas of pigmentation (bruising) may remain on the body in the injection area. But they disappear very quickly.

How important is a compression bandage after the procedure?

After the procedure, the correct elastic compression of the legs is most important. You must wear a compression bandage or bandages around the clock. The specific term can be agreed with our specialists. The purpose of such compression is to completely displace blood from the sclerosed area of the veins and prevent it from entering this area during the entire recovery period.

Do I need to take the course again?

The main advantage of this procedure is an effective aesthetic and therapeutic result that can be observed for a long time. On an individual request, the procedure can be repeated, but the consultation of our specialist is needed.

Before & after

The photographs show the results of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures of an intimate nature and are not intended for viewing by persons under 18 years of age.
The photographs show the results of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures of an intimate nature and are not intended for viewing by persons under 18 years of age.

Modern sclerotherapy at Grace Clinic

Sclerotherapy in Kiev according to modern world standards is performed by specialists of the Grace Clinic. Doctors use cryosclerotherapy during the procedure. This method involves cooling the skin before injection with a stream of cold air, the so-called cold anesthesia, which reduces pain, minimizes the appearance of bruising and pigmentation.

Also at the service of our сlinic clients:

  • qualified consultations and comprehensive examination to select the optimal method and treatment regimen;
  • the best drugs that have proven themselves well in world practice;
  • ultrasonic testing equipment;
  • highly qualified experienced doctors;
  • concierge service.

Sclerotherapy will help restore beauty and lightness to your legs.

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Indications for sclerotherapy and its types

According to European guidelines, the following indications for sclerotherapy are distinguished:

  • telangiectasias (vascular "asterisks", "spiders");
  • reticular veins (mesh varicose veins);
  • stem veins;
  • perforating (between superficial and deep) veins;
  • residual veins after various procedures;
  • varicose veins associated with venous ulcers;
  • arteriovenous malformations (benign vascular neoplasms).

There are contraindications for sclerotherapy, but there are much fewer of them than for classic vein surgery. Absolute contraindications - atherosclerosis, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis.

There are two types of sclerotherapy of the lower extremities, depending on the form of the injected drug:

  • liquid sclerotherapy;
  • foam-form.

With liquid sclerotherapy, the drug is injected in the form of a solution, and with foam - in the form of foam, when the sclerosant is whipped with the addition of air or carbon dioxide.

Foam sclerotherapy is a rather aggressive method, but it is more effective on vessels with intense blood flow. Liquid sclerosant works more gently and with fewer side effects. During one session, the phlebologist can use various drugs, in different concentrations, in liquid or foamed form. Larger varicose veins, perforators are sclerosed with concentrated solutions in the form of foam and under the control of ultrasound (echosclerotherapy).

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