It’ll help get rid of both a medical problem, i.e. to repair the nasal septum, and an aesthetic one, i.e. to reshape the nose.

Nasal plastic surgery will help you fix any aesthetic problems with the nose shape and/or size, which have turned into a psychological problem and insecurities. And if—apart from aesthetic flaws—you’re haunted by such problems as recurrent otitis, chronic sinusitis, and inflammation of tear sacs which block breathing and tear outflow, then you need to undergo rhinoseptoplasty. 

Rhinoplasty helps repair aesthetic defects as well as restores some part or an entire nose. Septoplasty is a type of surgery which aims to restore the correct anatomical shape to the nasal septum causing the above ENT health problems.

Rhinoseptoplasty is a procedure which involves both rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Such surgery is performed at plastic surgery clinics. The doctor first straightens the nasal septum. If necessary, the doctor also performs electrosurgical vasotomy on the thickened mucous membrane. After that, using an individually optimal technique, the surgeon reshapes your nose, tip, nostrils, and/or columella (a septum between nostrils). If necessary, the surgeon increases the nose size—rather than reduces it—or repairs osseous and cartilaginous structures during rhinoseptoplasty.

Rhinoseptoplasty takes more time than each procedure separately. Such surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Patients start preparing for rhinoseptoplasty 3–5 days before the due date. Patients must have their tests which are prescribed by the doctor and follow the recommendations being given at the consultation. Also, the doctor will create and approve a 2D or 3D computer model of how a person will look after rhinoseptoplasty. At the consultation, the doctor also chooses the correction technique: an ‘open’ surgical procedure or ‘closed’ manipulations using an endoscope.

The price of rhinoseptoplasty depends on the scope of the intervention and includes:

  • all necessary preoperative examinations;
  • intensive care unit;
  • anesthesia;
  • rhinoseptoplasty surgery;
  • comfortable single hospital with individual medical care and meals;
  • postoperative care (first 10 days);
  • annual medical examination.

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At the first consultation, our surgeon will carefully listen to your preferences, set realistic expectations for surgery, choose the technique and extent of surgery, and answer all of your questions in detail. We’ll create a model of your nose to enable you to see the future results.


Performed by the best rhinosurgery experts in Ukraine, rhinoseptoplasty takes an hour and a half. You won’t feel anything, as we put you under general anaesthesia to straighten the nasal septum and perform nasal plastic surgery.


Our experts apply a special bandage, i.e. a splint. It must be worn for 7–10 days. You must follow all of your surgeon’s recommendations for a quick and efficient recovery. Should you have any questions, we’re always ready to be contacted.

Our approach to rhinoseptoplasty

We offer rhinoseptoplasty to our clients in two cases. The first one: a person would like to correct the aesthetic appearance of his/her nose, but it turns out that the nasal septum has deviated. The second one: a person would like to fix the nasal septum, but he/she also needs to reshape the nose. In such cases, our experts will offer you to undergo rhinoseptoplasty. This is because we see your situation from a comprehensive perspective. It’s important to us that your nose looks both healthy and aesthetic.

By carrying out detailed consultations as well as 2D and 3D modelling, we’ll be able to predict the results even before any surgeries. 


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Plastic surgeon. Rhinologist. Board-certified doctor. Professor. Honoured Doctor of Ukraine. UAPRAS Vice President. 35 years of surgical practice


Plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty surgeon. 16 years of surgical practice

Cost of services

The cost of rhinoseptoplasty depends on the scope of the intervention and includes:

  • all necessary preoperative examinations;
  • intensive care unit;
  • anesthesia;
  • rhinoseptoplasty surgery;
  • comfortable single hospital with individual medical care and meals;
  • postoperative care (including bandaging for the first 10 days after surgery);
  • рhysiotherapy;
  • annual medical support.
Name of service
The cost, UAH
Consultation with a plastic surgeon for rhinoseptoplasty (Professor)
Consultation with a plastic surgeon for rhinoseptoplasty (Leading Specialist)


When can I take flights after rhinoseptoplasty?

We recommend refraining from taking any flights during the first three to four weeks after rhinoseptoplasty. If it’s urgent, we allow some flights on condition that your plaster is reapplied. This will help minimize nasal deformities due to the swelling and differential pressure.

What is prohibited after rhinoseptoplasty?

We don’t recommend wearing glasses for three months after surgery. Therefore, you need to use contact lenses if you have vision problems. Sunbathing and visiting bathhouses are prohibited for 1.5 months after rhinoseptoplasty. You can undergo cosmetology procedures in four weeks. A return to sports can be expected in 1–2 months.

When will I notice the results?

You’ll be able to evaluate the results after your new nose is fully shaped, while all of the tissues are completely healed. You can expect that about six months after reshaping your nose and correcting your nasal septum. In individual cases, the process can take up to a year.

What is included in the package of rhinoseptoplasty?

Rhinoseptoplasty package

1. Preoperative consultation:

    • consultation with a plastic surgeon
    • anesthesiologist consultation
    • gynecologist's consultation

2. Standard package of analyzes

3. ECG (according to the operation)

4. Ultrasound (according to the operation)

5. X-ray examination (according to the operation)

6. Endoscopic examinations (according to the operation)

7. Intensive care ward

8. Оperation

9. Anesthesia

10. Hospital

    • hospital room
    • individual medical examination - personal doctor on duty
    • personal nurse
    • individual dietary meals

11. Postoperative examination (first 10 days after surgery)

12. Annual medical support

Additionally included in the package price:

13. Physiotherapy

If you need to quickly appear in society, at work, in the family without a trace of the operation - we offer to additionally purchase the "Accelerated rehabilitation program" , which includes a set of procedures that are carried out both in the operating room and in the postoperative period, which helps to minimize swelling and bruising.

Advantages of rhinoseptoplasty at Grace Clinic

Grace Clinic provides perfect conditions for consultations, surgeries, and postoperative follow-up.

Our surgeons enjoy a spotless reputation, have at least 10 years of experience in plastic surgery, and constantly upgrade their skills by exchanging experiences during training periods abroad. During the procedure, our surgeons are assisted by experienced colleagues rather than nurses or residents. We constantly upgrade equipment and instruments as well as purchase modern and safe medicines, suture materials, and implants.

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Contraindications to rhinoseptoplasty

You’ll be denied rhinoseptoplasty, a procedure to repair aesthetic and anatomical defects of your nose, if you have:
• Multiple allergies or diseases which prevent us from putting you under anaesthesia (severe cardiovascular, hepatic, and renal diseases)
• Skin disorders in the surgery area, e.g. folliculitis or herpes
• Acute infectious diseases
• Severe diabetes mellitus
• Severe thyroid disorders
• Oncological diseases
• Clotting disorder
We don’t perform rhinoseptoplasty for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as for persons under 18 and over 60 years old.

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