Not all men are comfortable with beer bellies and excess body fat. We offer you to get rid of that with a single procedure.

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At the consultation, our expert decides what procedure will be efficient in your case: tummy tuck, liposuction or liposculpture, or leg reshaping. Any of the plastic surgery procedures will help improve your body.


Depending on the technique, body plastic surgery can take from 1 to 4 hours. In any case, the surgeon puts you under general anaesthesia.


After the procedure, the doctor will put a retentive compression bandage on the patient. In the first few days (1–2), you stay at our clinic under the round-the-clock care of our experts. Then it’s extremely important for you to follow all of your surgeon’s recommendations.

Our approach to body plastic surgery for men

Age makes it increasingly difficult for men to struggle with excess weight. This is especially true for beer and flabby bellies. Workouts and healthy eating don’t help you out. Therefore, our experts recommend undergoing body plastic surgery. We can perform it on various problem body parts using different techniques. But the result is the same for every procedure— our clients get a healthy, well-shaped, and toned body.


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Plastic surgeon. Hair transplantation expert. Phlebologist. 12 years of surgical expertise 

Cost of services

The cost of male body plastic surgery depends on the volume of the intervention and includes:

  • all necessary preoperative examinations;
  • intensive care unit;
  • anesthesia;
  • body plastic surgery;
  • a set of compression underwear;
  • comfortable single hospital with individual medical care and meals;
  • postoperative care (including bandaging for the first 10 days after surgery);
  • annual medical support.
  • *in case of purchasing an operating package - consultation is already included in its cost

Name of service
The cost, UAH
Plastic surgeon's consultation for male body plastic surgery


How long should I expect oedema to last after tummy tuck?

Oedema, bruising, and other side effects subside completely within 1–2 months. Our experts prescribe antiseptic agents for you to speed up the recovery process. The first surgery results can be evaluated in 2–3 months.

Can I jog after leg reshaping surgery?

Yes, you can. But you need to allow time for complete healing and recovery to avoid any injuries. Vigorous activities are allowed after consultation with our expert. Your complete recovery takes 4–6 months after plastic surgery.

When is it allowed to take flights after plastic surgery?

During the first three to four weeks after plastic surgery, we recommend refraining from taking any flights to keep your body safe. If you still need to take an urgent flight, you’d better consult with our expert to minimize any risks and complications.

What is included in the package of breast augmentation surgery?

Body plastic surgery package

1. Preoperative consultation:

    • consultation with a plastic surgeon
    • anesthesiologist consultation

2. Standard package of analyzes

3. ECG (according to the operation)

4. Ultrasound (according to the operation)

5. X-ray examination (according to the operation)

6. Endoscopic examinations (according to the operation)

7. Intensive care ward

8. Оperation

9. Anesthesia

10. Hospital

    • hospital room
    • individual medical examination - personal doctor on duty
    • personal nurse
    • individual dietary meals

11. Postoperative examination (first 10 days after surgery)

12. Annual medical support

Additionally included in the package price:

13. Compression underwear (1 set)