Plastic surgeon. Rhinologist. 

Board-certified doctor.
Honoured Doctor of Ukraine.
UAPRAS Vice President.
35 years of surgical practice

About the doctor

Oleh Kompaniets is a highly specialized professional, board-certified ENT doctor who uses the closed functional rhinoplasty technique, and one of the best surgeons both in Ukraine and beyond. Professor Kompaniets ranks among the world’s top 6 rhinoplasty surgeons. He uses the unique accelerated healing method which helps fully recover after surgery within only one week and a half. The ability to reveal the individual character and natural unique beauty paying attention to the proportions of the face and using the golden section principles with mathematical accuracy is the thing that makes Oleh Anatoliiovych stand out among hundreds of surgeons who produce the same shapes of noses.
Professor Kompaniets is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and Vice President of Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (UAPRAS).

Oleh Kompaniets graduated from the Doctor Training Faculty of S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy in Leningrad. He began performing his first ENT surgical procedures in 1985 while he was a resident medical practitioner in Riga. Later on, Professor Kompaniets took a training course at the Medical Department of the Governing Medical Staff Faculty of S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy in Leningrad and graduated with honours and a gold medal. Professor Kompaniets also completed his doctoral studies at Ukrainian Military Medical Academy and is still a professor at the Academy’s Military Surgery Department. Having successfully defended two theses, Oleh Anatoliiovych received a degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences and eventually the academic title of Professor as well as the title of Honoured Doctor of Ukraine.

Life philosophy

My goal is to make people happy and successful.
Beauty should make them more eager for life, inspired, and confident.