At the initial visit, your doctor will make a diagnosis and decide if he/she will treat you or refer you to a specialized doctor.

GPs are first-line health workers: they provide medical assistance, decide on examination types, and choose specialized doctors you should contact with your symptoms. For this reason, a GP’s consultation is generally required when you have some signs of an illness or a flare-up of a chronic condition.

The right diagnosis is a must for the efficient treatment. Your GP will review your medical history during the visit. The doctor will ask you about your illness, any health complaints you may have, past conditions and surgeries, genetic factors, etc.

This process is particularly efficient at Grace Clinic because we have excellent professionals, a range of express laboratory tests, and advanced instrumental exams utilizing expert diagnostic tools as well as, where necessary, can quickly engage specialized doctors.

Your GP will use test results to make a diagnosis and develop a treatment programme. The doctor will also provide clarifications, explain the causes of your disease, create your meal plan and, where necessary, give lifestyle recommendations.

Our approach to internal medicine

Contact Grace Clinic to detect health disorders, avert potential complications, manage acute episodes, and get recommendations on how to prevent long-term impacts of chronic conditions and improve the quality of life.

Many diseases have similar symptoms. Therefore, you need to visit a GP to save your time and get a timely diagnosis of a condition which requires surgery.


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