Various congenital and acquired anatomical features of the genitals significantly affect the intimate sphere of a woman, her psychological comfort.
Perineoplasty can relieve you of these intimate problems.

Perineoplasty is an operation to restore the normal anatomical structure of the perineum. This is a plastic surgery, during which defects, stretching and cicatricial deformities of the perineum are eliminated to improve intimate aesthetics, normalize its sexual, obturator and protective functions.

Perineoplasty: indications for performing

Most often, patients seek surgery for the following reasons:

  • Aesthetic discomfort (expansion of the perineum, gaping of the vaginal opening, cicatricial deformities)
  • Deterioration in the quality of sex that is meaningful to both partners
  • Painful sensations during sex due to scar deformity of the perineum
  • Vaginal flatulence ("vaginal murmur")
  • Recurrent inflammatory diseases (colpitis, cervicitis), papillomavirus infection associated with weakening of the obturator function of the vagina
  • Psychological discomfort

Why do you need perineoplasty

No special medical indications are required for perineoplasty. It is enough for the patient's desire to improve her own well-being, harmonize the sexual sphere and gain more self-confidence.

At Grace Clinic, perineoplasty is performed to:

  • to restore the aesthetics and physiology of the perineal region;
  • remove scars and scars;
  • restore or increase sensitivity in sexual relations.

Before the procedure, the doctor conducts a visual examination, listens to complaints and wishes and suggests the best way to eliminate the problem.

What result to expect from the operation?

  • Normalization of the structure and elimination of cicatricial deformities of the perineum
  • Improving the aesthetics of the intimate area
  • Increased sexual sensitivity and satisfaction from the sex life of both partners
  • Elimination of a chronic focus of inflammation provoked by a gaping vaginal opening
  • Increasing psychological comfort
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    In order for the operation to be successful, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. Therefore, we advise you in detail before the operation. Preparation for perineoplasty includes a preoperative examination, consultation with a gynecologist, anesthesiologist and psychologist. Before the operation, it is necessary to sanitize the corresponding area, for example, using antiseptic solutions or setting vaginal suppositories a few days before the operation. And also it is imperative to remove hair in the intimate area.



    On the day of the operation, you come to the clinic on an empty stomach, wearing comfortable clothes that do not put pressure on the crotch area. The duration of the operation is 20-40 minutes. It can be performed under local, epidural, spinal and general anesthesia. For local anesthesia, we use anesthetic cream and then injectables. Even so, for your safety, anesthetic monitoring is performed during the operation. During the operation, the Grace Clinic uses suture material specially developed for plastic surgery, which dissolves on its own and gives the best cosmetic result.



    After perineoplasty, you will need to follow the instructions of our gynecologist. You will be advised to restrict sex, sports, cycling, water procedures (swimming, spa, bath) for a period of 4 weeks or more. You can start an active life (with the exception of the above restrictions) the very next day after the operation. For about the first 2 weeks, the postoperative area should be treated with the recommended antiseptic solutions and vaginal suppositories should be placed. And you also need to monitor the free emptying of the intestines.


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    Can I sit after perineoplasty surgery?

    Yes, you can sit down immediately after it ends.

    Do you experience very severe pain after the operation?

    Postoperative pain syndrome manifests itself differently in different patients and is associated with both the type of operation and the threshold of pain sensitivity in women. However, our technology of perineoplasty minimizes pain afterwards and makes the recovery period more comfortable.

    Is sensitivity impaired after perineoplasty?

    Sensitivity generally improves as it is associated with an increase in the density of sexual contact. The first time after surgery, during sex, there may be discomfort due to the presence of suture material and the postoperative condition. These manifestations disappear over time. To weaken them, it is recommended to use silicone-based lubricants during sex.

    Is it possible to get pregnant and give birth after perineoplasty?

    Yes, you can carry a pregnancy and give birth. There are no obligatory indications for a caesarean section in this case. However, surgical correction may be necessary after childbirth. You may also be advised to have a caesarean section if there are other predisposing factors.

    What is included in the package of perineoplasty surgery?

    Package by type of surgery "Perineoplasty"

    1. Preoperative consultation:

      • gynecologist's consultation
      • anesthesiologist consultation

    2. Standard package of analyzes

    3. ECG (according to the operation)

    4. Ultrasound (according to the operation)

    5. X-ray examination (according to the operation)

    6. Endoscopic examinations (according to the operation)

    7. Intensive care ward

    8. Оperation

    9. Anesthesia

    10. Hospital

      • hospital room
      • individual medical examination - personal doctor on duty
      • personal nurse
      • individual dietary meals

    11. Postoperative examination (first 10 days after surgery)

    12. Annual medical support

    Why is perineoplasty worth doing at Grace Clinic?

    • The operation is performed by expert gynecologists who are proficient in all modern techniques of perineoplasty and techniques of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
    • The operation takes place in a modern hospital in compliance with all international standards for surgical interventions and anesthetic support.
    • Competent and safe anesthesiological support - expert-level anesthesiologists, the possibility of various types of anesthesia, modern anesthetic and resuscitation equipment.
    • High-quality and long-term aesthetic and functional results, as well as quick and comfortable rehabilitation are ensured by a streamlined medical process, the use of modern surgical and anesthetic technologies and hardware surgery (laser and radio wave).
    • High standards of service at all stages of outpatient and inpatient stay in a clinic in Kiev: a comfortable single luxury ward with individual meals and medical supervision.
    • We provide full support for our patients, from initial consultation to complete recovery and obtaining the desired aesthetic and functional result.
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