Aesthetic medicine at Grace Clinic will help you improve your body to get your dream contours.

If you want your skin to remain young and good-looking, you should regularly undergo cosmetic procedures. But it’s vital that these procedures are performed by professionals offering a personalized experience to each patient.

Modern aesthetic medicine is much more than working with the skin and muscles of your face.

Highly efficient and diverse cosmetic tools and techniques being used by our clinic open up huge opportunities for body shaping, increasing vitality, and rejuvenating the skin in any part of your body.

Grace Clinic only employs aestheticians who are top experts in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. They keep up with innovations in their areas of expertise. Our experts use their in-depth knowledge and practical skills for their professional development to be able to provide premium services with utmost results and no risk of complications.

Our expertise



Our experts offer a personalized experience to each client and a combination of high-end treatment techniques to perform effective and efficient body rejuvenation, lift, and improvement procedures.

of procedures

Our experts perform efficient body procedures. We remove fat using machine-assisted techniques and injecting lipolytic agents. We remove striae using laser resurfacing, exfoliation, nanolifting, and mesotherapy. Hyperhidrosis treatment.


Quick and painless recovery is among the key advantages of body aesthetics. No matter the technique we use, swelling and redness resolve immediately or a few days later. And you’ll get a beautiful body and a long-lasting result.

Our approach to body aesthetics

Treating cellulite, correcting body contours, and restoring skin beauty and elasticity are the tasks our aestheticians successfully complete thanks to their knowledge and expertise as well as a smart combination of innovative techniques and traditional methods. 

Grace Clinic offers a number of body care procedures, such as machine-assisted and injection cosmetic techniques, unique manual therapy methods, body wraps, and wellness programmes. We develop individual programmes for each client according to personal needs and interests.


All doctors


Dermatologist. Beautician. 7 years of practice in cosmetology and medicine


General practitioner. Beautician. 5 years of practice in aesthetic medicine


Beautician. 18 years in medicine and cosmetology


Can I inject lipolytic agents by myself?

Grace’s experts warn you against injecting lipolytic agents by yourself. You may think that risks are minimal because the procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require using an IV catheter or other outpatient treatment elements. However, lipolytic agents must be administered under your aesthetician’s professional supervision. Otherwise, the outcome could be unpredictable.

How does Coolsculpting work?

It has been scientifically proven that fat cells die naturally when exposed to cold. Coolsculpting cryolipolysis is a totally safe and efficient way to get rid of fat deposits. It sounds incredible but the procedure permanently removes fat cells in the targeted areas. Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a unique, unparalleled device. No one has been able to recreate the technology so far.

What device can reduce fat cells in hard-to-reach body areas?

Our experts use Infini, a device suitable for treating hard-to-reach body areas. A replaceable cartridge is one of the key advantages this machine offers. It can work with different fat deposits in terms of their location and thickness. And it won’t take weeks for a visible result to appear: you’ll notice it right after Infini procedure.

What are the contraindications for laser resurfacing of striae?

Laser resurfacing must not be performed in the following cases: pregnancy and lactation, immunodeficiency, active chronic conditions, recurrent facial rash, or psoriasis. To learn more, make an appointment and consult our aesthetician at Grace Clinic.

Is hyperhidrosis treated in men?

Yes, of course. Both women and men can get rid of sweating by having botulinum toxin injected into the problem area. This injection even helps treat sweating of the face and head. Get a detailed consultation at Grace Clinic.