We offer you non-surgical instrumental plastic procedures. With a single procedure, you’ll enjoy the effects of liposuction and tightening.

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Our experts perform instrumental plastic procedures and help our clients get rid of unwanted age-related changes without any surgical interventions. Our state-of-the-art machines help correct disproportionate shapes with a few touches.
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At Grace Clinic, the most popular techniques of instrumental plastic procedures include Coolsculpting (cryolipolysis), BodyTite (body contouring), and FaceTite/AccuTite (face contouring). Each technique has its own features, but the result is still the same—a slender, toned, and beautiful body and face.
At Grace, our clients get a 5-star hotel experience: suites and 24/7 care from our experts. However, you’ll quickly recover after the instrumental plastic procedure. After the procedure, you can return home in a few hours.

Our approach to instrumental plastic procedures

Our approach to instrumental plastic procedures

If you’re not ready for traditional plastic surgery, Grace Clinic offers you to opt for our instrumental plastic procedures. These innovative procedures help tighten your abdomen and breasts, make your arms slimmer, shape your thighs, and restore your face glow. 

Our doctors use the state-of-the-art Coolsculpting and InMode machines based on cryolipolysis and radio frequency waves. They not only help you lose body fat but also efficiently tighten the skin of your face and body.


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Plastic surgeon. 8 years of successful experience in plastic surgery.
USAPS member. Leading specialist in liposuction

liposuction bodytite facetite accutite


hardware cosmetology rehabilitation after plastic surgeries

Beautician. 18 years in medicine and cosmetology

hardware cosmetology rehabilitation after plastic surgeries


When can the final results be evaluated?

You’ll be able to see the first results after three weeks especially if we remove enough fat cells. However, you can expect your tissue and collagen to be renewed three months after body contouring—it’s when you’ll see the final results.

Will body contouring help get rid of cellulite?

Yes, it will. Conventional liposuction won’t help get rid of cellulite, while the body contouring procedure BodyTite significantly minimizes it. This works better for the thighs and buttocks. Your skin will be smoothed and tightened.

Will the scars be visible after face contouring?

The instrumental plastic procedures FaceTite and AccuTite don’t require our experts to make a single incision. For this purpose, they make micro-punctures which are hardly noticeable even right after the procedure. Once you fully recover, the punctures won’t be visible at all.

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