Diagnosis and surgical treatment of abdominal conditions, hernias, and skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders.

A surgeon helps treat various diseases, including those requiring emergency surgery.

At the consultation, the surgeon will explain all risks, including any potential complications and benefits of the proposed procedure or surgery. The doctor will tell you about the pre-operative preparation, intervention phases, anaesthesia options, post-operative period, and rehabilitation. You’ll get information about the options being available for you to maintain the normal quality of life.

Additional instrumental and laboratory tests can be assigned to make a more precise diagnosis and identify any potential underlying conditions of the vital organs.

The surgeon will review the test data to identify any contraindications and decide whether you need surgery. If you do, the doctor will schedule the operation and select the surgical technique.

Our approach to surgery

Our surgeons use both standard and innovative techniques and technology which have been duly certified and clinically tested. We develop new and improve existing techniques to make sure they’re used safely and efficiently.

The methods and procedures our surgeons use include laser and radio-wave surgery, laparoscopy, and endoscopy.


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Plastic surgeon. 5 years of surgical practice

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