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Grace Clinic`s History

Worldwide network of premium clinics for those who choose themselves

About Grace

Grace Clinic is the world's only network of club-type premium beauty and health clinics with branches in Kiev and Vienna, providing plastic surgery, cosmetology, aesthetic and endocrine gynecology, urology, phlebology, anti-age therapy services in a special atmosphere.
The first clinic was established back in 2007 in the center of Kyiv in a historic estate, and to this day it does not exist analogues in the world. It combines the best technologies, approaches to treatment, 5-star service and doctors of narrow specialties. After all, we understand that the best results can only be achieved with deep knowledge and colossal practice in a particular area.



The clinic is located in a historic estate, which was built by order of Colonel Alexander Kozarovsky in the Art Nouveau style for more than 100 years ago, in 1910. Spreading staircase with oak, wrought iron railings, decorated wings of griffins, the exterior design with elements of the ancient Greek style turned mansion in the most remarkable in the vicinity of the city of that time. Every resident of Kiev dreamed of becoming his guest.
The estate was restored when the clinic was founded. And we tried to carefully collect and restore all the details. After all, attention to detail is the key to obtaining the desired harmonious result not only in architecture, but also in aesthetic medicine.


In 2022, Grace Clinic opened its doors to patients from all over the world in the historic center of Vienna - Palace Todesco, built in 1864 in the Renaissance style and located directly opposite the famous Opera House. It was he who at one time became a permanent meeting place for representatives of the intellectual intelligentsia, such as Hugo, Strauss, Freud, Rubinstein, Ibsen. And today it is a place where everyone who chooses himself can take care of his beauty and health.

Ludmyla Kylivnyk - owner

Ludmyla Kylivnyk

Owner and ideological inspirer of Grace Clinic

Grace Clinic - for those, who choose themselves

Grace Clinic is a place about a person and for a person. For me, the emotional component of the work is very important. My task is not only to be responsible for the strategic development of the clinic, to supply it with the latest equipment and technologies, but also to build trusting relationships between doctors and patients. Therefore, everyone who turned to our specialists for help and shared their personal history receives a professional solution in our clinic based on an integrated approach, honesty and respect.

Grace Clinic - for those, who choose themselves

Ludmyla Kylivnyk

Owner and ideological inspirer of Grace Clinic

Ludmyla Kylivnyk

Owner and ideological inspirer of Grace Clinic

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Grace is a health and beauty clinic. These are interrelated concepts, since there can be no beauty without health. A clinic for those who choose themselves. Her patient is a person who thinks and understands that you need to take care of yourself. After all, the most important resource in life is ourselves.

Get a complete skin diagnosis, choose home care and get professional care ... you can at the Grace Health and Beauty Clinic.

What can you do to help menopause? How does menopause affect the woman's body? How to overcome menopause and enjoy life? - Tetyana Shevchuk, the gynecologist-endocrinologist of the plastic surgery clinic Grace Clinic, knows the best about it.

And for a miracle, you should contact Grace - a health and beauty clinic for those who choose themselves! Find time for the most important thing - taking care of yourself, your health and appearance. To do this, Grace has magic tools - procedures and operations that in one or several sessions will provide a fabulous wow effect and erase the traces of lack of sleep, incessant deadlines and many hours spent in front of the laptop screen.

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