We diagnose endocrine disorders, locate them, repair the function of your endocrine glands, and restore hormone levels.

For a long time, patients with endocrine disorders can remain asymptomatic or develop symptoms which are similar to those of other conditions. Endocrine disorders pose a serious health risk because they can cause permanent changes in body function, which often requires complex and long-term—or even lifelong—treatment.

You should consult an endocrinologist if you have any of the following symptoms:
• A sensation of a lump in the throat and an increase in lower neck circumference, shaky hands, excessive anxiety, and irritability
• Dry mouth, feeling thirsty, frequent urination, itchy skin, recurring thrush, and quick weight loss
• Palpitations, headache, high blood pressure, sweating, and hot flush
• Deterioration of hair quality and hair loss
• Idiopathic fatigue, excessive daytime sleepiness, and asthenia
• Depression and mood swings
• Swelling
• Severe gallstone disease

At the consultation, your endocrinologist will review your complaints and disease progression, past tests and therapies, your medical history, underlying conditions, and genetic factors. The doctor will then carry out a standard physical examination and a range of other assessments.

The doctor will use the findings to develop an individual treatment programme for you.

Our approach to endocrinology

It’s extremely important to diagnose pre-symptomatic endocrine disorders to prevent their progression and minimize the risk of complications.

At Grace Clinic, our doctors will use a number of clinical, laboratory, and instrumental tests to make an accurate diagnosis, opt for the appropriate therapy, and monitor treatment outcomes.


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Surgical endocrinologist. Board-certified doctor. Ph.D. of Medical Sciences. 20 years of practice in endocrinology

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