Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders which are associated with the production, exchange, and effects of sex hormones.

The female endocrine system is a complex multi-level set of internal secretion glands, brain structures, and numerous organs (not just generative ones) being targeted by hormones. This system is responsible for reproduction, metabolism regulation, women’s body shape, normal body fat/muscle/bone ratios and quality, normal cognitive function, and female behaviour and mood patterns as well as regulates maturation and ageing processes, interacts with the immune system, and prevents tumours from developing.

THE PROBLEMS gynecological endocrinology experts deal with at Grace Clinic:
- REPRODUCTION (preparing for pregnancy, especially later in life, infertility, miscarriage, postpartum rehabilitation, choosing birth control methods)
- METABOLISM (body weight control issues, puffiness, cellulite, burnout syndrome) -
ANTI-AGE and QUALITY OF LIFE (menopause management, premature ovarian failure, puberty management, mental health, sexuality, extrinsic ageing, recovery after IVF programmes, genital surgery).

Consult a gynecological endocrinology expert when traditional gynecology can’t help. Determined to diagnose and eliminate the root cause, a gynecological endocrinology expert will look even at severe and neglected COMMON GYNECOLOGICAL CONDITIONS from a different perspective.

Our approach to gynecological endocrinology

Our approach to gynecological endocrinology

We use only natural agents, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), and bioidentical pellets which gently maintain and restore the natural harmony of your body. 

We provide professional care and comfort to our female patients at each stage of their delicate and complex life.


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aesthetic gynecology hormone replacement therapy labiaplasty vaginoplasty biopell

Gynecologist and endocrinologist. Aesthetic gynecologist. Surgeon. Board-certified doctor. Ph.D. of Medical Sciences. 25 years of gynecological practice

aesthetic gynecology hormone replacement therapy labiaplasty vaginoplasty biopell


What are a pellet and its composition?

A pellet is the size of a small rice grain. But we prefer comparing it to the iconic Chopard moving diamonds. Pellets contain hormones and other biologically active substances. They are made of soybeans and wild yam.

What are the indications for using pellets?

● Enhancing the body’s energy resource, activity level, and tolerance to stress;
● Losing weight, reducing swelling and cellulite, improving body contours
● Enhancing cognitive function
● Normalizing mood and sleep
● Anti-age
● Postpartum rehabilitation
● Boosting libido
● Improving athletic performance A
lso, pellets are used to address the following clinical problems:
• Menopause management •
Premature ovarian failure
• Metabolic syndrome
• Type 2 diabetes
• Obesity
• Menstrual cycle irregularities
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Rehabilitation after surgery and severe diseases
• Osteoporosis
• Atrophic vaginitis
• Preparing for or recovering after an IVF programme

Do I need to adjust my lifestyle after pellet implantation and what does my rehabilitation look like?

The quality of your life can significantly improve as soon as a couple of weeks after the procedure. There will be, however, minor restrictions during the first days: avoid soaking or immersing in water, doing exercises, and having sex, massages, and heat therapy. You’ll be able to return to your normal life after 4–5 days.

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