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We offer consultations from top doctors and unique sets of research-based treatments and procedures designed to improve your physical and mental health and help you stay young longer.

At Grace Clinic, our doctors will be happy to provide highly professional treatment services for all types of medical conditions.
Using the evidence-based medicine principles, our doctors will quickly make accurate diagnoses even for the most challenging cases to ensure proper assessment and treatment.

Our doctors’ key priority is to treat the patient rather than the disease, which is why they offer a personalized experience to every client. Treatment should be effective and efficient!

Grace Clinic provides a full range of outpatient services in general medicine, paediatrics, urology, mammology, endocrinology, cardiology, gastroenterology, and surgery. We perform personalized infusion therapy (IV therapy) and comprehensive physical examinations, also known as check-ups.

Comprehensive examination programmes are globally recognized as an efficient health care methodology. Annual check-ups help detect a disease at an early stage and prevent its progression.

We provide professional medical assistance and develop individual diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation programmes.

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At Grace Clinic, we take an innovative approach to your health and beauty. Outdated medical practices have been replaced by the so-called ‘medicine of health’. We work to prevent the problem rather than to treat symptoms.


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Our clients can rest assured that they’ll consult top healthcare providers, get personalized and comprehensive service, and enjoy the efficient treatment. We’re here to help you at every stage, including consultation, physical examination, selecting optimal procedures and treatment protocols, care delivery, and achieving the best results.


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Grace Clinic has brought together the best healthcare providers—the leading health, beauty, and longevity experts.
Grace’s professionals are doctors and candidates of medical sciences and board-certified doctors who regularly attend and speak at medical meetings and conferences.

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Our approach to internal medicine

Our experts say, ‘Don’t wait for a health problem to develop when you least expect it; prevent it by taking steps towards health, beauty, and longevity’. Besides traditional treatment options, Grace’s professionals can help you stay ahead of any problem. We’ve designed sets of procedures to improve your physical and mental health and help you stay young longer.


All doctors


Paediatrician. Board-certified doctor. 40 years in paediatrics


Anti-ageing therapist. Cardiologist. Board-certified doctor. 33 years of cardiology practice


Sonographer. Endovascular surgeon. Interventional radiologist. Board-certified doctor. 28 years of medical practice 


Surgical endocrinologist. Board-certified doctor. Ph.D. of Medical Sciences. 20 years of practice in endocrinology