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Grace Clinic provides medical care to war victims

Grace Clinic provides medical care to war victims


Grace Clinic became a partner of the charity project “Save Beauty”. Many Ukrainians received mutilations and damage to their appearance as a result of shelling, collapses, burns and other horrors of war. The project helps to restore beauty to Ukrainians and continue a happy life.

Dmytro from Kramatorsk became the first patient to be helped by doctors at the Grace clinic. He was at home when a Russian missile hit his apartment. As a result of the collapse of the house, his face was badly damaged and his nose needs a complex reconstructive operation.

As part of the project, the leading rhinologist-surgeon of the Grace Clinic, one of the most famous and experienced ENT surgeons in the world, Professor Oleg Kompaniets, implements Dmytro’s treatment plan. Currently, the rehabilitators of the Grace clinic are preparing the patient for surgery – they carry out a complex of physiotherapeutic procedures (hardware and injection) to remove swelling and inflammation from the tissues of the nose. In a few months, after the healing of the nasal tissues, Dmytro will be able to undergo rhinoseptoplasty, which will not only restore his usual appearance, but also normal nasal breathing, which is important for the healthy functioning of the entire body.

Each of us is useful on our front, and the front of Grace Clinic is beauty and health. We are glad to be involved in important projects and to return to Ukrainians not only health, but also appearance and a normal psychological state.

Follow the news of Grace Сlinic to see Dmytro’s changes!


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