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You may try to enlarge your buttocks by doing squats for years. Instead, you can consult our expert and get the size you want with a single procedure.

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At the consultation, our plastic surgeon examines you and decides on the buttock shape and size according to your preferences. Also, he/she chooses a body part to take fat tissue. Our expert most often opts for the lower abdomen or ‘saddlebags’.


Performed under general anaesthesia, buttock lipofilling takes 1–2 hours. First, the surgeon removes unwanted fat deposits from problem areas and then filters and injects them into your buttocks through micropunctures. At the end of your surgery, the doctor will put compression garments on you.


The rehabilitation takes about two weeks. At this period, oedema and bruising may appear, but they’ll soon subside. You can evaluate the first results in 10–14 days after your lipofilling procedure, while the final results will be noticeable in 3–6 months.


The photographs show the results of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures of an intimate nature and are not intended for viewing by persons under 18 years of age.
The photographs show the results of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures of an intimate nature and are not intended for viewing by persons under 18 years of age.

Our approach to buttock lipofilling

Our approach to buttock lipofilling

Our buttock size and shape are genetically determined. It’s truly hard to make your buttocks firm and toned by doing squats and lunges. With age, the skin around your buttocks gets saggy. Our experts offer you to undergo buttock lipofilling.

The procedure helps fix two problems at once: First, it helps you get rid of fat deposits in one part of your body and then does the main job, i.e. it enlarges and makes your buttocks firmer. Also, it makes your skin better— more elastic and softer.


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When can I sit after buttock lipofilling?

After buttock lipofilling, you should have a soft pillow under your buttocks while sitting during the first three weeks. This way, you reduce discomfort and speed up your recovery.

What should I choose: lipofilling or implants?

At Grace Clinic, our experts perform both procedures. Each offers its own advantages. Our experts highlight the following advantages of lipofilling compared to implant-based procedures: quick recovery, no scars, hardly probable complications, and noticeable results right after surgery. However, buttock lipofilling offers only a temporary effect. In a few years, you need to undergo the procedure again.

What sleep position to choose after buttock lipofilling?

Our experts don’t recommend sleeping on your back and buttocks for the first few days to avoid any discomfort and complications. Sleeping on your side and stomach is preferred. If you still feel comfortable sleeping on your back, you’d better put a soft pillow under your buttocks.

What is included in the package of buttock lipofilling?

Buttock lipofilling package

1. Preoperative consultation:

    • consultation with a plastic surgeon
    • anesthesiologist consultation
    • gynecologist's consultation

2. Standard package of analyzes

3. ECG (according to the operation)

4. Ultrasound (according to the operation)

5. X-ray examination (according to the operation)

6. Endoscopic examinations (according to the operation)

7. Intensive care ward

8. Оperation

9. Anesthesia

10. Hospital

    • hospital room
    • individual medical examination - personal doctor on duty
    • personal nurse
    • individual dietary meals

11. Postoperative examination (first 10 days after surgery)

12. Annual medical support

Additionally included in the package price:

13. Compression underwear (1 set)

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