Anti-ageing therapist.

Board-certified doctor.
33 years of cardiology practice

About the doctor

Dr. Droniuk belongs to a special group of medical professionals who work to improve the life quality and extension by providing their patients with precious knowledge about managing health and beauty by using science and biohacking technology. Liubomyr Droniuk ranks among the leading anti-ageing experts shaping the new perception of wellness as an industry. He is a health/life coach developing his unique strategies of preventing disease and slowing down the aging process.

He graduated from Lviv Medical Institute with a degree in medical care in 1986. He undertook his internship at an emergency care hospital in Kyiv. Dr. Droniuk completed his cardiology studies programme at M. D. Strazhesko Cardiology Institute. Liubomyr Droniuk helps his patients solve their problems effectively, as he keeps track of anti-ageing medicine innovations and takes regular training. He focuses on the issues of immunotherapy for common diseases and allergies as well as body detox while developing his skills in cardiology as his specialization. He is currently a full member of the Ukrainian Preventive and Anti-Ageing Medicine Association.

Life philosophy

I like to quote Pablo Picasso, ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’.
Each patient’s grateful look and positive effects of therapy make me improve and motivate me to grow professionally. I have a dream—to see only healthy visitors in my office.