18 years in medicine and cosmetology

About the doctor

Giving beauty through loving-kindness. What does it mean for a beautician? As an aesthetic medicine expert, I can say that it means fully devoting myself to my profession, helping every person who asks me for advice or support, using all my knowledge and skills to make sure you see your young body as well as your beautiful and harmonious face in the mirror every day, and, most importantly, hearing other people paying my patients—who always feel good and happy—genuine compliments.
Tetiana Redko is an expert who has 18 years of medical practice. She has been specialized in aesthetic medicine since 2008. Dr. Redko always improves her professionalism by participating in conferences, seminars, and workshops both in Ukraine and beyond.

Specialization: instrumental cosmetology: Endospheres Therapy®, Aqupure vacuum hydropilling, Intraceuticals injection-free biorevitalization, Coolsculpting cryolipolysis, Lasemd laser resurfacing, Healite LED phototherapy, and a package of rehabilitation physiotherapy treatments. Nurturing cosmetology: treatments by skin type, cleansing, peeling, massage, and unique contour correction protocols (instrumental massage and body wraps).
Microneedling, biorevitalization, and plasma therapy

Life philosophy

I appreciate and love my work! Do you want to know why? There is a creator in each person. You use your creativity, which cannot be good or bad, no matter what you do: treat patients or repair cars. The only way to do a great job is to be passionate about what you do.