Plastic surgeon.

Board-certified doctor.

34 years of surgical practice

About the doctor

Vadym Fedorovych Simonov is a highly regarded expert in mammoplasty, liposuction, and face, neck, and eyelid rejuvenation. He often uses traditional, time-proven plastic surgery techniques which allow speeding up significantly the healing process after surgery. Dr. Simonov is considered to be a meticulous, detail-oriented person both by doctors and patients.
Extremely caring, polite, and honest, Vadym Simonov would never perform any surgery just for the sake of it but only when he believes it will come to good.

Dr. Simonov designed unique chest and abdomen shape improvement techniques. He is a co-author of 5 inventions, 15 research articles, and a number of surgical correction techniques. He was awarded the Knight of the Motherland Order for his merits in the plastic surgery development in Ukraine. Dr. Simonov was nominated for the Best Plastic Surgeon of Ukraine 2018 award. Vadym Fedorovych graduated from Tyumen State Medical Institute, took many professional development courses, including at Moscow Medical Academy and Kyiv Medical Academy as well as at leading clinics in Sweden, Poland, Russia, and other countries.

Life philosophy

There are no petty details in surgery. Everything must be taken into account for a guaranteed result. A happy and confident patient is what adds meaning to my work.