A word by Liudmyla Kylivnyk

A successful business owner, a mother of three, and an incredibly active person who aims to make this world a better place — this is all about Liudmyla who has been running Grace Clinic for more than 9 years.

A word by Liudmyla Kylivnyk A word by Liudmyla Kylivnyk A word by Liudmyla Kylivnyk

Grace: How it all began

My life changed when I first crossed the threshold of this clinic as a patient in 2011. At that time, I was a person who had a successful business career. So, I couldn’t even imagine that meeting a doctor who established the clinic, which is different to all of those I had seen before, would mark the beginning of the great and important story in my life. Being at Grace Clinic, I immediately felt an incredible love for people. Later on, I realized that they offered a completely different solution to their patients: the doctors listened to their patient’s opinion rather than depressed them. In addition, they honestly told about their patient’s health status and treatment prospects rather than threatened them and tried to tout some unnecessary services.

People and care were the cornerstone of the clinic. Therefore, I made a self-evident decision to invest in the project. Nine years later, Grace Clinic is a successful premium clinic that is trusted with the most valuable thing - your health. To me, it’s a ‘place of power’ and love for people.
Through the years, I’ve been with my team which shares our common values and is always ready to progress. Many of our experts have been employed at the clinic since its establishment. They see Grace Clinic as their second family. Our doctors are unconditionally trusted: the patients bring their relatives and friends to them, since professionalism, emotional warmth, and empathy can work wonders.

I’m sure that Grace Clinic has a bright future, since a systems approach to health is gaining momentum. Everyone is willing to look great and live a full life at any age. Our experts know how to help you achieve a state of harmony and joy.

At Grace Clinic, you’ll find the highly qualified professionals with considerable expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, accurate diagnostics, many services to choose from and, of course, seamless experience. Above all, we aim to care for you, pay attention to details, and sincerely help you become happier!

About youth
I’m sure that you can stay young even if you’re 100, as it’s primarily all about your state of mind, energy, and zest for life. As the world evolves, we see the new technologies and the proper attitude towards age erasing absolutely unnecessary boundaries. Today, a woman in her 40s just begins her journey. It’s clear that health care is extremely important. Check-ups and visits to a gynecologist, mammologist, and endocrinologist for a regular exam help you easily and efficiently track when your body may need help. Everyone must have a conscious and responsible lifestyle.

I dream that those who love themselves and understand how important it’s to take care, listen, and hear yourself will be coming to Grace Clinic. And I’m happy we have more and more patients like that.

About women
All of these years at Grace Clinic have helped me discover my true self. When I started working on the project, I was a shrewd rationalist with a masculine approach to life and business. Obviously, I didn’t accept my inner woman. At the clinic, I gradually learned to love myself and admire other people. And now it’s women who inspire me the most. I’m genuinely glad to see successful women self-developing, doing business, bringing up children, and looking great at the same time. It’s unbelievable!

About herself
I never regret anything. Besides, I know how to forgive myself and others. I can forgive myself for my frailties and mistakes, while I don’t blame other people for that. I used to be meticulous and too demanding towards myself, but now I trust the world and myself more. I’m considered to be a reliable friend as well as a determined and good person.

About Grace’s approach 
Grace Clinic is all about people. Emotions are extremely important in my job. I focus not only on developing the clinic strategically as well as getting the state-of-the-art equipment and technologies but also on building trust in the relationship between our doctors and patients. At our clinic, everyone who seeks medical care from our experts and shares their personal stories gets a professional one-stop solution based on honesty and respect.