We offer services which help prevent and diagnose breast conditions as well as prescribe expert treatment following the best practices of evidence-based medicine.

Consult a breast physician to prevent or treat breast disorders.

The changes you notice can be the signs of breast diseases and/or a certain physiological condition of your mammary glands. The expert you need is a breast physician who will examine the condition of your mammary glands and, if necessary, prescribe the right treatment.

Consult a breast oncologist if you’re a woman with the following symptoms:
• Lumps in the breasts
• Tenderness on palpation
• Nipple discharge other than breast milk
• Inguinal lymph node enlargement
• Swelling and redness
• Milk retention in lactating women
• Flaky skin in the nipple area
• Breast asymmetry
• Areola deformation

A thorough breast examination is as follows: the doctor will ask you about your complaints, examine your breasts with the pads of the fingers, and review the symptoms. The doctor will then use the findings to get a preliminary clinical picture of your condition. You’ll feel safe and secure during the consultation with your breast physician. Additional assessments may be considered to make a more precise diagnosis.

Our approach to mammology

Statistically, breast conditions tend to develop at a younger age. In the past, they occurred in women aged 45 and older, but nowadays, young girls often need to consult a breast physician. Visit our breast physician at least once a year to be able to detect mammary gland disorders at an early stage.

Our doctors’ key talent is to diagnose the mildest symptoms patients often don’t notice as well as offer the timely and efficient treatment.


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