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Grace Сlinic took part in fundraising for Ukrainian children


On May 27, 2023, in Vienna, the Grace clinic network took part in the Mothers for Ukraine charity forum, which aims to raise funds and help Ukrainian children affected by the war.

The war has changed our lives forever, but children suffer even more from it every day. We strive to protect them with all our might from the physical and psychological suffering experienced by families with children in Ukraine.

The owner of the Grace clinic, Lyudmila Kilivnik, is the mother of three sons. She perfectly understands the pain and experiences of all mothers who daily face the consequences of the terrible events of the war. Therefore, without hesitation, she accepted the offer from the MAMA Plus Me Foundation to be a speaker at the Mothers for Ukraine Charitable Forum and join the fundraising. All funds raised during the forum, which is 11,000 euros, will be directed to targeted assistance and psycho-emotional rehabilitation of children in Ukraine.

Fundraising is our small contribution to activities that have already become a routine for every Ukrainian, a contribution to the common victory and the future of our nation.


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