Asymmetrical chins affect facial aesthetics. Therefore, our experts offer to reshape your chin once and for all.

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At the first consultation, our plastic surgeon will carefully listen to all of your preferences as to how your chin will look in the future, set realistic expectations for surgery, choose the right implant, predict your surgery efficiency, and answer all of your questions in detail. At the preoperative evaluation, you undergo the complete body check-up and have all of the necessary tests.


Implant-based chin augmentation leaves no scars on your face. Our expert makes intraoral incisions—on the inside of your lower lip. Performed under general anaesthesia, the procedure takes 1 hour.


The doctor will apply a special retentive bandage you’ll be wearing for up to two weeks. You’ll spend the first day in our suite under the thorough care of our medical staff. You need to follow all of your surgeon’s recommendations to make your recovery as efficient as possible.

Our approach to chin surgery

The face has clear and expressive contours. When it becomes asymmetrical, you immediately notice this. We know that many of you don’t like this. You experience insecurities, poor rapport, and discomfort. We offer you to undergo chin surgery. It’ll help you fix any asymmetry and improve your facial profile.


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Plastic surgeon. Board-certified doctor. 34 years of surgical practice

Cost of services

The cost of chin plastic surgery depends on the volume of intervention and includes:

  • all necessary preoperative examinations;
  • intensive care unit;
  • anesthesia;
  • chin plastic surgery;
  • implants (for augmentation);
  • compression bandage;
  • comfortable single hospital with individual medical care and meals;
  • post-operative care (including bandaging for the first 10 days after surgery);
  • annual medical support.
  • *in case of purchasing an operating package - consultation is already included in its cost

Name of service
The cost, UAH
Plastic surgeon consultation for chin plastic surgery
Chin plastic surgery
from 4000€


What can’t I do before surgery?

Aspirin and any medications containing aspirin must be discontinued 14 days before surgery, as they affect normal blood clotting. You must inform our expert what other medications you’re taking. Also, you must give up smoking or smoke fewer cigarettes two weeks before surgery, since nicotine makes blood vessels contract and can affect blood circulation during and after surgery. You need to avoid the intake of spicy and greasy foods as well as stop drinking alcohol 7 days before surgery.

When will I notice the results after chin surgery?

You’ll notice the results of chin surgery after your oedema subsides. You can expect this in 3–4 weeks after surgery. An important thing is that the results persist forever.

What is included in the chin plastic surgery package?

Chin plastic surgery package

1. Preoperative consultation:

    • consultation with a plastic surgeon
    • anesthesiologist consultation
    • gynecologist's consultation

2. Standard package of analyzes

3. ECG (according to the operation)

4. Ultrasound (according to the operation)

5. X-ray examination (according to the operation)

6. Endoscopic examinations (according to the operation)

7. Intensive care ward

8. Оperation

9. Anesthesia

10. Hospital

    • hospital room
    • individual medical examination - personal doctor on duty
    • personal nurse
    • individual dietary meals

11. Postoperative examination (first 10 days after surgery)

12. Annual medical support

Additionally included in the package price:

13. Іmplants (for augmentation)

14. Compression bandage (1 set)