Can’t achieve your dream figure despite hard workouts, rigid diets, and healthy lifestyle? With Coolsculpting cryolipolysis, we work wonders by sculpting any figure you want!

The original cryolipolysis procedure Coolsculpting is an absolutely safe and efficient technique to remove excess fat without surgery.

The cryolipolysis technique originated in the USA in the early 90s of the last century: the scientists at Harvard University began to study the impact of low temperatures on fat cells. By that time, the scientists found out that women who lived in the northern states and rode horses in the cold seasons had less adipose tissue on their inner thighs. These studies gave rise to the cryolipolysis technology, i.e. exposing fat cells to cold, which kills and gradually eliminate them out of the body, like any other decay products.

Once crystallized, any fat cell won’t be able to live on. All of the overcooled cells will gradually die in the treated area.

During the process, your fat cells are deeply cooled, while the skin and internal organs suffer no damages. You’re the one to choose the body part being exposed, while Coolsculpting will do the rest for you! 
During the procedure, the specialized machine Zeltiq freezes your subcutaneous fat in the treated areas. Your fat cells will be naturally eliminated out of the body within several months. The elimination process causes no discomfort and is absolutely safe.

You’ll be able to notice the first changes in a few weeks after the procedure, while the final results will be visible in 3 months.

Coolsculpting Zeltiq requires no rehabilitation and is extremely efficient: you can have the second session for the same area only after 3 months when the effects are maximized. 

It’s hard to believe, but your fat cells in the exposed areas go away FOREVER!

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The photographs show the results of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures of an intimate nature and are not intended for viewing by persons under 18 years of age.
on / after
The photographs show the results of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures of an intimate nature and are not intended for viewing by persons under 18 years of age.

What are the stages?

Stage 1

The doctor examines the patient and checks on fat distribution and volume. Based on the results, the doctor—together with the patient—decides on the correction area, marks the skin, and applies the special gel napkin.

Stage 2

The area with subcutaneous fat is sucked by the vacuum applicator which cools it down to -11°C, thus triggering cryolipolysis. Your skin feels slightly numb, but such sensation disappears after a couple of minutes.

Stage 3

The cryolipolysis session takes approximately one hour and requires no anaesthesia. The cryolipolysis procedure Coolsculpting causes no discomfort and enables you to relax on the couch and even take a nap!

Stage 4

Right after the procedure, the doctor gives you a short, energetic massage of the exposed area to improve the final results.

Our approach to cryolipolysis

Our approach to cryolipolysis

You want to lose some inches off your thighs, but you don’t really want your breasts to get smaller. Nevertheless, six months later, you buy new jeans and a new bra with a smaller cup size. Whatever body part you firm up and no matter what you do to lose weight, you’ll burn fat evenly across the body rather than in the problem area. 

Coolsculpting will shape the right body contour and help lose fat from where you need it!


Quick results
You don’t need to work out at the gym for months or even years to see the results. One 60-minute Coolsculpting procedure will help lose fat by 20–40% after 2–3 months.

Permanent results
Coolsculpting destroys adipose tissue and blocks the processes which allow fat to come back. You’ll forget about any excess fat in your problem areas for many years or even forever.

No risks
Coolsculpting is a non-invasive technique. The doctor uses the machine to treat only the surface of your skin and leaves it uninjured. This means that you won’t get an infection during the procedure and will avoid any pus which forms in patients after liposuction.

No rehabilitation
After Coolsculpting, you stay on schedule—you don’t have to cancel any appointments or reschedule your vacations.

No anaesthesia
Anaesthesia isn’t necessary for everyone. Therefore, the patient is conscious and doesn’t feel any pain, as the Coolsculpting procedure is painless.

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