Our experts offer various aesthetics techniques helping make striae unnoticeable or get rid of them permanently.

Striae removal procedures at Grace Clinic


Laser resurfacing

Striae generally occur on a range of body parts. You can develop striae clusters on the thighs, abdomen, and chest. This makes them especially visible. Striae can cause psychological discomfort, insecurities, and severe self-criticism. We offer laser resurfacing—a completely painless, non-invasive, and carefree striae treatment. We use LaseMD at Grace Clinic. This thulium laser helps remove or minimize striae.



imperfections each time you look in the mirror. You cover them with one-piece swimsuits and shorts. Consult our experts to get rid of striae with mesotherapy, an injection-based treatment. This procedure uses skin injections of therapeutic cocktails to normalize blood circulation, increase oxygen flow, moisturize the skin, and stimulate cell proliferation. A combination of these effects helps make striae completely invisible.



You can undoubtedly live with striae. But why if they cause so much discomfort and insecurity. Come and get exfoliation procedures to have your breast, abdomen, and thigh striae removed. Our experts offer a comprehensive individual programme to each client. The right type of exfoliation is half the battle against striae. We only use duly approved, time-tested products for peels.



Striae should be treated even though they don’t pose any serious health risks. They look unattractive and can cause insecurities. We offer nanolifting—a unique, innovative technique. Our aesthetician injects a cocktail of natural ingredients into the affected area. Nanolifting helps minimize striae. This procedure is less invasive than laser resurfacing and more efficient than any striae cream and oil.


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Can I get rid of striae at home?

You can take preventive measures at home to avoid the development of striae, including using creams, oils, self-massage, and exfoliation techniques. However, striae should be treated professionally. Learn more at Grace Clinic. Request a consultation and ask our aesthetician to advise you on how to get rid of striae most effectively.

How many mesotherapy procedures does it take to remove striae permanently?

It depends on a number of factors. Around 5 to 10 weekly sessions on average are required for one body area. You may need 15 or more sessions if you have severe striae. Each session takes 30 minutes. It’s recommended that you have a screening and consultation visit at Grace Clinic. Our experts will carry out a complete examination and draw up your treatment plan.

What should I choose: exfoliation or scrubbing?

Striae are sometimes treated with scrubbing rather than exfoliation. Both techniques aim to remove affected cells, improve blood flow, and hydrate the skin. At Grace Clinic, we, however, prefer exfoliation. It has delicate effects on the skin, while scrubbing is a technique using rough mechanical movements to remove dead skin cells.

How long will I have scaly skin after exfoliation?

It all depends on your striae and the treatment type. Our aestheticians perform superficial, medium‐depth, and deep exfoliations. This is why your skin can remain scaly for 3 to 5 days. The skin should be regularly hydrated with natural moisturisers throughout the recovery process.

How long should I wait after childbirth to undergo my nanolifting procedure?

Our experts don’t recommend undergoing nanolifting during lactation. Your body will be still recovering after childbirth. For this reason, you should wait for 1 or 2 years.

Do nanolifting injections cause any visible marks on the body?

An ultra-thin needle used by the aesthetician can leave a puncture wound which usually resolves after a couple of days. Nanolifting is generally performed in sessions, so when you come for your next session, no wound will be noticeable on your skin. It’ll be firm and free from any striae.

What are the contraindications for laser resurfacing of striae?

Laser resurfacing must not be performed in the following cases: pregnancy and lactation, immunodeficiency, active chronic conditions, recurrent facial rash, or psoriasis. To learn more, make an appointment and consult our aesthetician at Grace Clinic.

Service cost

Name of service
Cost, USD
Correction of stretch marks, flabbiness, scars with collagenase
Correction of stretch marks, flabbiness, scars with PBSerum Medical HIGH
LaseMD laser resurfacing: chest
LaseMD laser resurfacing: abdomen
LaseMD laser resurfacing: side surfaces of the tulob
LaseMD laser resurfacing: hands
LaseMD laser resurfacing: thighs
Mesotherapy: MesoExpert DMAE Ascorbate
Mesotherapy: Melsmon

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