How we work during the COVID-19 pandemic

During a global coronavirus epidemic, it is very important to take all precautions to preserve your health and the health of others.

Read below the rules we follow in our clinic for the prevention of coronavirus infection.

1. At registration for consultation we carry out interrogation about state of health and symptoms of SARS or possible contacts with sick persons.

2. We measure the body temperature of each guest during the visit, disinfect our hands and recommend wearing masks. If the guests for some reason did not have a mask, we can provide a new one.

3. We measure the body temperature of employees at the entrance, disinfect our hands and wear masks. 

4. We send for self-isolation employees with symptoms of SARS or those who have been in contact with infected COVID-19.

5. Employees of our clinic wear masks, disinfect hands before and after contact with patients and disinfect the surfaces of objects in the consultation room.

6. We regularly ventilate all the cabinets and other rooms.

7. We carry out ultraviolet disinfection of rooms. 

8. We regularly, hourly disinfect the surfaces of objects.

9. The preoperative examination included mandatory PCR tests + determination of immunoglobulins M and G for COVID-19.

10. Restricted hospital visits, which are possible only after negative tests for COVID-19.

11. We devised a logistical and spatial minimisation of contacts among patients in the clinic.

12. We place patients in the hospital in single wards, which eliminates contact with other patients.

13. Minimized mutual contacts of employees – made a flexible work schedule.

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Результаты перевода

We work according to new rules that the visits and operations planned by you took place in the maximum safety.

Thinking about you, we do everything to keep you and your loved ones healthy.