When your breasts lose volume and shape, they no longer make you happy. Therefore, you undergo breast lift surgery primarily for yourself and self-confidence.

Saggy breasts not only make a woman feel some physical discomfort but can also cause low self-esteem. Embarrassed by flat saggy breasts, many women refuse sex and can’t shape their personal life. The breast lift will help get rid of an aesthetic deficiency and have a beautiful body as well as spectacularly perky breasts with round contours.

Breast lift surgery is known as mastopexy (contour mammaplasty). The breast lift helps the mammary glands get back in their natural, harmonious shape being lost due to decreased skin elasticity after pregnancy and lactation, dramatic weight loss, and natural ageing. You’ll be able to notice the effect right after surgery, but it’ll be possible to evaluate the final results in 6 months.

In addition to the breast lift, the surgeon can reshape the mammary glands by suturing the glandular tissue. Sometimes small implants are needed to restore the firmer shape to the breasts. Severely prolapsed large breasts (glandular ptosis) will require the breast lift and reduction or reduction mammoplasty to achieve a successful result.

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Preparations begin with our expert’s consultation where you’ll decide on the desired result and the extent of surgery. We’ll help you choose the lift technique and areola placement as well as the desired size and shape. We’ll discuss your general health status and suggest the least injurious intervention.


The procedure takes 1.5–3 hours. You won’t feel anything because we perform breast lifts under general anaesthesia. Our surgeon makes small incisions and puts compression garments on the patient when the procedure ends.


At our сlinic, you’ll be treated with proper care and attention. Your surgeon and nurse will change dressings and take care of your stitches. We remove stitches on the tenth day, while the rehabilitation takes about 2–3 months.

Our approach to breast lifts

Our approach to breast lifts

The breasts change. Unfortunately, not for the better. After giving birth, extended breastfeeding, or rapid weight loss, the breasts lose their aesthetic shape. We’d like you to feel comfortable with and without lingerie, wear dresses with a plunging neckline, and be happy every time you look at your breasts.

Lift surgery is a modern technique which will restore your breasts to the aesthetic shape. There are various techniques depending on the extent to which the areolas are out of position. Our experts will offer you the most efficient technique.


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When to schedule the breast lift after breastfeeding?

As a rule, such surgery is allowed not earlier than 6 months after breastfeeding. In any case, you’ll consult with our expert before your breast lift. Once all of the tests and check-ups are completed, our expert will find out whether you’re ready for plastic surgery.

Are any scars noticeable after the breast lift procedure?

We can’t perform the breast lift without incisions. However, if you follow all of our experts’ recommendations, you can reduce the visibility of scars over time. Once the lift procedure is performed, you need to wear compression garments around the clock. You have to sleep only on the back during the first weeks. Visiting the gym, swimming pool, sauna, and solarium is prohibited. You also need to stick to a healthy diet and not touch your breasts unless necessary. That way, the scars will be almost invisible.

Is there any age limit for the breast lift?

Age isn’t an obstacle to performing surgery. We only take into account your health status before surgery. At our сlinic, we perform check-ups before any breast lift. Only if the results are satisfactory, our expert can perform surgery, regardless of your age.

What is included in the package of breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery package

1. Preoperative consultation:

    • consultation with a plastic surgeon
    • anesthesiologist consultation
    • gynecologist's consultation

2. Standard package of analyzes

3. ECG (according to the operation)

4. Ultrasound (according to the operation)

5. X-ray examination (according to the operation)

6. Endoscopic examinations (according to the operation)

7. Intensive care ward

8. Оperation

9. Anesthesia

10. Hospital

    • hospital room
    • individual medical examination - personal doctor on duty
    • personal nurse
    • individual dietary meals

11. Postoperative examination (first 10 days after surgery)

12. Annual medical support

Additionally included in the package price:

13. Compression underwear (1 set)

Before & after

The photographs show the results of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures of an intimate nature and are not intended for viewing by persons under 18 years of age.
The photographs show the results of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures of an intimate nature and are not intended for viewing by persons under 18 years of age.

Indications for the breast lift:

• Loss of elasticity, ptosis, loss of shape, and decreased volume of adipose tissue
• Striae
• Nipple and areola (the pigmented area around the nipple) displacement
• Unaesthetic appearance of areolas
• Congenitally low placed nipples or downward facing nipples
• Asymmetrical breasts, areolas, and/or nipples
• Naturally flattened and elongated shape
• Tubular breasts
After giving birth and breastfeeding, the lift procedure will restore your breasts to the original appearance and leave you out of any discrepancy between the breast size and the area of the surrounding skin.

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Types of mastopexy

Our surgeon chooses the breast lift technique based on the shape, size, and type of ptosis of your mammary glands. The shape and location of your scars will depend on the technique. But don’t you worry. After 6–12 months, they’ll be barely noticeable and almost imperceptible when touched.

Modern plastic surgery encompasses the following types of mastopexy:
1. Periareolar breast lift. This technique is used for minor grade I ptosis. There will be the scar along the areolar contour.
2. Vertical mastopexy. It enables us to correct grade II ptosis, while lifting the breasts, reducing the blurred areolas, and, if desired, changing the breast shape. In case of vertical mastopexy, the scar along the areolar contour comes with the vertical incision moving vertically downwards towards the breast fold.
3. Inverted ‘T’ mastopexy. The incision resembling an anchor or an inverted ‘T’ is made to fix serious deficiencies when extremely severe ptosis in large mammary glands must be corrected. It’s used for grade III–IV ptosis.
The breast lift procedure takes 1.5–4 hours, while the patient can be discharged the next day.

Contraindications for mastopexy

The breast lift isn’t available to everyone. Women are prohibited from undergoing such procedure if they have one or more contraindications:
• Multiple allergy to local anaesthetics and anaesthesia
• Severe fibrocystic mastopathy
• Oncological diseases
• Severe diabetes mellitus
• Severe cardiovascular diseases
• Infectious skin conditions, such as shingles
• Clotting disorder

Women under the age of 18 or lactating and pregnant women can’t undergo mastopexy.

Breast lift at Grace Clinic

At first, you’ll have consultations where, thanks to a computer program, you can find out what your breasts will look like after mastopexy, get comprehensive information about the necessary preoperative assessment, tests, and examinations as well as how to go through the postoperative and recovery periods.

Our highly professional plastic surgeons make sure your mastopexy at Grace Clinic will be reliably successful. In addition to the vast successful experience in breast plastic surgery, our experts regularly have an advanced training and exchange experiences with colleagues at the best foreign clinics. Besides, we’d like to stress that we’ve equipped our surgery and recovery rooms with the state-of-the-art equipment and use only the best imported, tested, and certified suture materials and implants.
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